Demon Camp

Demon Camp

I opened my eyes the sun was shining and the legion was still trying to take over the world. I rolled up my swag and tip toed out of the village I called home for the night. The last thing I wanted to do was to wake someone and end up on another mission. I quickly mounted my horse and rode out of camp.


The morning breeze gently blew at my pink pigtails. If the legion was not trying to take over the world and making a hell of a noise doing so, this might of been a perfect morning.

My stomach started growling like a wild fel beast and I wondered when was the last time I ate. I didn’t feel like the conjured food I normally prepare so I started looking around for something wholesome. I came across a little stream and saw a school of fish swimming around in it. I took out my trusty Jeweled Fishing Pole and starting throwing in a line to catch some breakfast. I also hoped that catching these fish might net  some gold on the auction house as if I could see these as a potential food sourse I am sure someone in Dalaran saw that as well and would buy them instead of spending time fishing them.


After catching a few and cooking enough to quieten my growling stomach I headed off across the land in search of ore and herbs. Ore and herbs I found. Aethril , Felslate and Leystone in abundance. I rode around collecting as much as my backpack could handle then heading back to Dalaran to place these on the Auction House. To my surprise they were selling as quickly as I could farm them. So my fortune was underway. I was happy dreaming of being gold capped when I came across a Demon Camp. With a  little camp above it. There stood an undead who flagged me down and told me of his argument between him and his Illardari friend.

Apparently his friend was in bloodlust and wanted to kill every last demon that landed on the broken isles, where as the undead wanted to scout around the camp and do a little investigating as to know what they were dealing with before going in guns blazing. The undead asked if I could scout around the demon camp around as the demons wouldn’t find a small gnome with bright pink hair in the middle of their camp unusual or anything. They were paying a handsome fee for doing this so I agreed. I needed to let the Aethril grow a little more before I could herb my next lot back to Dalaran anyway.

eyes have it

As I was about to leave the Illidari asked if i could happen to kill a few demons while I  was down there and make it look like an accident, like they accidently tripped over me and broke their necks. I winked at the Illidari and told him I would see what i could do.


I headed down to the camp below and snuck around. The demons had a huge portal that looked like they were trying to erect, This was held in place by 4 large fel energised crystals and each crystal had a keeper to look after it. I couldn’t let these demons finish errecting this portal who knew where it led to. I smiled to myself looks like the illidari was in luck and a couple of crystal keepers would die, by accident of course.

I felt my hands pulse with arcane energy and directed this energy to the crystal keepers I jumped up and arcane missiles flew from my hands to the keepers knocking them to the ground. They tried to form their own spell but I had already conjured my next spell and sent that shooting towards them again. The crystal keepers put up a good fight but died in glorious ways.

I walked up to one of the crystal and watched as it pulsed with fel energy, swirling green mist looked like it was trapped inside the crystal and it glowed fel green. I broke each crystal holding the portal in place. each one cracked and energy escaped it into the world around me.

fel crystal

Of course this caught the attention of the boss of the camp and he wanted to know what I was doing. I was thinking of something smart to say to him when he launched at me, knocking me to the ground. I tried to feel the arcane energy in my hands again but just as I started to say the incantation he knocked me to the ground again breaking my concentration and thus the spell I was casting.

The boss stood over me towering over my little body, an evil smile leared across his face and he pulled his hands up ready to deliver the final blow..good bye cruel world was all I could think and closed my eyes really tight waiting for his delivery and trying to gain my concentration to shield it.


I heard  yelling in the back ground and felt the boss spin around facing the other direction. I gingerly opened one eye and looked as to where the yelling was coming from, it was the illidari and the undead, they were joining in on the fight. I quickly jumped up and concentrated on the arcane energy pulsing through my body, moving it towards my hands and saying the incantations as to deliver blow one after the other to the boss. The three of us worked in unison to bring the boss to his knees i stepped back and let the illidari empty his blood lust onto the boss delivering his final blow.

The three of us made our way out of the camp without any more dramas. They thanked me and paid me the gold they had promised and spoke about travelling to see if there was any more demons to find.

I smiled as i waved them goodbye as I am sure there are a lot more demons to kill



One night in Legion

One night in Legion

*********************SPOILER ALERT************************************      if you have not started the expansion and do not want to read about some of the starting quests or see pictures of the areas please do not continue with this post 🙂


After a day of so much hype on my Twitter feed and a grueling day at the office. I packed up my stuff and raced out the door, drove home and logged in.

I was expecting long que times, rolling restarts and even maintenance but to my surprise I logged in first time with no problem at all.

I met Khadgar who told me about his plan to blink Dalaran out of danger. I didn’t want to remind him that I had only been a mage for a couple of weeks and that I had only just found how to do my own blinking spell so I was unsure how I was going to blink a whole city somewhere. but his faith in me was enormous so all I could do was try.

He told me that it was all clear and ready to try. I had a feeling I was being lied to but tried I did

our path is clear

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate real hard on moving the city and when I opened them Dalaran was moved.

I can tell you for a mage that’s three weeks old I felt pretty good about my efforts. but as I was about to gloat to Khadgar’s friends and big note my efforts I heard Khadgar take all the credit for it.

So off I went around the new city of Dalaran my mission tonight was clear in my head. Mine some ore, pick some flowers and make my fortune in gold so that everyone would know my name. “here comes Rhiamon the Mage, her pockets are so heavy with all that gold she makes” I started to walk around Dalaran and lost my train of thought as all I could think about about was how beautiful this place was and how I could call this place home for a while. During this time I also lost my bearing and actually got lost once trying to find people.

Khadgar must of felt sorry for a mage that gets lost in the city for mages and summoned me for an errand. This errand was to met an undead in a dark room. I did kind of wonder why Khadgar couldn’t do this himself but he did seem pretty busy with demon attacks so I went to try and find this undead..I got lost again and found this dude who ended up two doors down from where old Khadgar was.

This undead guy must of felt pretty sorry for me and how I kept getting lost as he invited me to stay in what he called a class hall. What he showed me looked old and run down. kind of like your best fixer upper but I didn’t have anywhere else to stay so I agreed. I left him mumbling about how grand the place will be as I got word that Khadgar had another errand for me to do about finding a staff.

I tried to explain to Khadgar that all I wanted to do was to pick herbs, mine ore and make my fortune but he had plans for me to obtain a staff. So with his mud map of where i needed to be in hand i set off.

I actually did kind of feel like an extra from lord of the rings.. Rhiamon lord of the staves they could call me.

So Khadgar’s plan was this, to consume the power of an old building, break down its defences of and then break into this building. which I did only to find a dragon that was captured that kept yelling at me.

I couldn’t answer the dragon because as soon as I had entered the building I had mana worms attacking me. Once I had killed them I had the dragons keepers attacking me. How did i know this was going to free the dragon. He thanked me turned into a man and told me how he know where the staff was. He ran to the end of the dungeon killing everything in sight only to find that it was a dead end. oh well i can now start making my fortune i will just have to tell kadgar that it wasn’t here. But the man turned back into the dragon and flew me down to another area telling me that he hopes I am prepared. I laughed at this as recently I have been told alot that I am not prepared.

you are prepaired

He flew me onto the platform and the proceeded to fly around why I had to kill the keeper of the staff. He could of helped me out during this fight!!.

I saw the staff… I could become the lord of the staff… but first I needed to say some ancient words and I though that wiping it over would be good as after all demons had been touching it.

As I grabbed it I fell through the floor. Which is an odd feeling kind of like sinking into jelly. I held the staff up high as not to get it dirty again to which the dragon through I was making a proclamation to being the Lord of the staff or something then sent me back to the undead dude


I walked back into the hall and whoa…the place was magnificent there was so much detail everywhere

mage hall


I spent awhile looking over the hall and it took forever to find him again as no one told me his office was up a staircase.. well I was admiring all his hard work and not getting lost again…if anyone asks that is.

He told me about the staff, its power and how it will grow in power over time. He also asked me to recruit a goblin from Dalaran that was performing magic tricks.

If there is one thing I know about goblins it how they also like to make their fortune so I took a big shiny coin from my pocket and flashed it in front of the goblins face and told him he was now the recruiter of the class hall. He had his own missions to attend to  and was happy about this.

Finally I think I can now go and mine and herb until my little gnome heart is happy Mr Goblin shows me a map of the area and asked me where i wanted to start my adventures. Where ?!? i don’t know i only just got here. I briefly look at the map and see some familiar names and decide that I will follow Kadgar on his next adventure.

Once i met up with Kadgar he flys me down to the land below and to an illidari camp who entrust me to kill some demons for them. I agree as I need the gold and also as I spot a herb in the general direction that they want me to go..I might just be able to pick it and then sell it and start making my fortune.

So off I trot to go pick the herb, mine the ore, I also tried a little local fishing, helped the locals kill a rare and get beat up by some demons.

Finally making my fortune
Oh my it looks like icecream

I did meet a familiar face along the way one to many times. It was like she was a ghost trying to haunt me.

Hello old friend…Fancy meeting you here

But in the end we pushed back the demons that were invading the camp. I paid my repair bill and rolled out my swag under the stars happy with the one herb and two tiny bits of ore in my pockets. My fortune is on its way and it will be grand and every one will know me as Rhiamon the mage who was gold capped first… not Rhiamon the mage that gets lost one to many times

5 days until Legion

5 days until Legion

Wow where has the time gone. It seems like only yesterday that Legion was being announced and we had to sit and wait for demon hunters to be playable.

Now with only 5 days to go i am desperately trying to level up my gnome hunter so that she will be able to join in with the first days of the broken isle.

Gnomey has an almost OCD addiction to beasts lying around with that she HAS to skin them..

As I have not played Beta I am unaware if there will be any beasts that you need to kill in the starting zone but if you do Gnomey will be there. You will see her, she will be the one that is short, has pink ponytails and the one that will not be paying attention to the quests but following You around skinning the beasts YOU kill…that does sound kind of stalker-ish doesn’t it..but she is cute so that makes up for the stalker tendencies, just hopefully there are beasts out there or else things could get a little awkward.


Since last Tuesday (well Tuesday in Australia, the land down under) the Invasions are going full throttle with all 6 spots spawning and lasting 2 hours which means that Gnomey will be level 100 in no time as she is getting a crap load (technical term here in oz) of xp every invasion she does.

With every invasion that she does she is keeping her small and large chests until she is level 100 and will spend one lonely night standing in Iornforge opening them, commenting on the contents and grinning with all the loot she has achieved. I am thinking that I am levelling a toon that has a very insane personality here with animal skinning, stalker tenancies and now mad ramblings and Joker like smiles.


But if you are planning on levelling alts through the invasions remember that as of the 30th the invasions will end and all that lovely fell green xp falling from the sky will also end.

Truefully i am unsure why blizzard has let this free xp grind happen. I would of thought that this would of been hot fixed weeks ago and I was afraid to start levelling this way thinking it may be against the ToS. But alas it seems that it isn’t and so Gnomey Hunter is off levelling, skinning, rambling and grinning to her heart is content. Now if only i could get blizzard to let Gnomey have one blue pigtail and one pink

So until Legion hits, may your loots be phat and your adventures in Azeroth be epic.


I am still here…

I am still here…


I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here. Life has been more than hectic the past couple of weeks and unfortunately I have not had time to write interesting content for you all.

If you want to catch up on what I am doing, I am very present on Twitter and I have a Facebook page for any extra information that I might have.

Over the last couple of weeks I have not had much game time due to increasing demands both at work and at home but hopefully I will be back with Legion with a brand new laptop so that I can stream again as well.

What I would like to do in the future is show little farming spots that I find whether it be farming ore, herbs, cloth or gold. I have always liked my gaming time to be chilled and running around in little circles picking flowers has always excited me. I know I am weird.. keep following me to find this out in greater details as legion comes closer.

At the movement I have been farming Tome of polymorph on my mage and then was very dishearten to see them plummet in price over night from 50,000 gold to a measly 2,000 gold. even the glyphs on my server are dropping like flies to 5 gold each. crazy I know.

I dropped 50,ooo gold on trying to breath a bit of life back into the auction house by buying these cheaply and reselling but alas I still have stacks of glyphs and tomes that no one wants to buy and someone is 50,000 gold richer

I have started levelling a gnome hunter because.. well, they are cute. I don’t think my level 100 hunter likes this idea. The gnome is a work in progress and a slow progress at that with her sitting at level 20

so pop over to Twitter and say hi if you would like to and I will be back writing again soon..


Are you Prepared??

Are you Prepared??

With the pre patch data whirling away in the background I sit and wonder what my gold making attempts will be like for the patch and legion to follow.

I have grand plans of becoming gold capped but what should I sell, where should I begin, should I start to farm now?


So with a hot cup of tea in hand and my trusty spreadsheets I sit and muse over what I should be getting ready for and how to implement it.

But alas time stops still with each sip of tea, blank stares into the spreadsheet and tracks across the interwebs to find out information about my new ideas and my anxiety grows.

You see I do not have a lot of time to play during the working week and I like to make the most of the time I do have. So I pour myself another cup of tea,sit and work out what would be the best strategy for the 2 hours of game play I have per night.

keep calm

With everything that I have looked at I think for  me the best strategy would be selling Bags, Tomes, Pets, Mats and some Transmog.


Bags are an easy farm just setting aside a farming session to farm up enough cloth to make these per week is all that is needed.

Mats like herbs,ore,skins etc make for an easy chill session of farming and transmogs are just from snipping or a quick farming sessions of instances per week to get some highly desirable pieces

Tomes are what peaked my anxiety and gave me a million more questions than what I started with.

quest giver

Should I start to collect the mats now? New TSM lists were made and off to the auction house I go only to find that most of the mats are already in the high 200g each. So unless I farmed the mats I did not feel comfortable to drop 100,000 gold on mats if my ideas did not pan out

Should I farm them? With the 30 different mats needed to create the different tomes my geeky nature started working into overload. my fingers began to type and a spread sheet was formed with an easy way for me to be able to obtain the mats


Looking at the list above I could tell that there would be three tomes that I could easily make and farm without too much hassle and three that I could farm some of the mats for.

Tome of illusions Azeroth – Most of the mats could be farmed whilst completing a Molten Core run. with the added bonus of obtaining some pets/ transmog gear as well to sell and the essence of water and undeath would be a simple farming session

Tome of illusions: Outland – Most of these mats are bought from the Auction house and dis enchanted with a simple farming session for the motes/primal

Tome of illusions: Northrend – Most of these mats are bought from the Auction house and dis enchanted again or are obtained through the weekly cata raids gold runs that I currently do.

Tome of Illusions: Cataclysm – if I have the mats I will place them on the Auction house in the required amounts for each tome to be made

Tome of Illusions: Pandaria – If Trillium ore stays cheapish I will buy it from the auction house or go on a mining farming session to be able to cut the gems needed for this

Tome of Illusion: Dreanor – if i have the mats i will place them on the Auction house in the required amounts for each tome to be made.

This made my anxiety feel a little better and i had a bit of a strategy to go forward. this still leaves me with questions of how many tomes should I make to sell per day 5, 10, 100??

With the pre patch just around the corner I doubt I will be able to farm as much as I would like to but I should be able to stock pile some mats so that I will be able to start to sell them when the patch does comes out but if not I can always wait until the prices of the Tomes stabilises a little and then work on how many I need to sell per day to get towards my gold capped dreams



340,000 gold so far

340,000 gold so far

Another week another bank alt post.

So as you can tell from the tittle this week has been good for profits and we made 55,000 gold this week. That’s 10,000 more gold made than last week.


Again most of the gold was made via garrison missions but this week Rhiamon and another high level toon did run Bastion of Twilight for around 3,000 gold per run. This was a quick and easy run over morning coffee that I will be posting about in coming weeks.

Apart from that I made a huge profit flipping a Proto Drake Whelp. I purchased him for 500 gold and flipped it in the same week for an extraordinary 33,000 gold. Even though my TSM data is not showing this for some reason.

340k tsm.png


In pets We sold a Chromidius for 600 gold and a Green Wing Macaw for 100 gold

In transmog we sold Hulking Boots for 1800 gold, Quicksilver Ring for 730 gold and a White Bandit Mask for 700 gold

I also sold my bags, ore, skins, herb and felblights as usual and a Core Felcloth Bag recipe for 300 gold.

I have also tried my hand at selling pets on different servers this week. it been a fun and interesting time trying something new. this has also been a whole lot of time for research so that I might be able to make some gold out of my investment. So far so good i might add. Not in the millions yet but still enough to keep my interests peaked

340k tsm2.png

This week has in-store herb faring as Rhiamon has dropped her low level tailoring (we have another tailor in the alt ranks who has been a tailor since vanilla) and she has taken up herbing so hopefully she may be able to farm for the blood of sargeras mats in legion. I feel this also suits her other profession, Inscription a little better. I am also levelling my death knight. Yes I know I said I don’t like up close and stabby types of classes but she is level 91 and has jewel crafting and alchemy already and I don’t feel like trying to level my level 70 lock for the same professions. these will hopefully be maxed out for legion.

Apart from that I can see that I will need to buy one or two game times as a month has flown by so quickly for one of my accounts. wow tokens are currently sitting around the 45,000 gold so I will have to do a bit of farming if I wish to keep above 300,000 gold this week.

wow token.png

I know I wont be gold capped by legion but I am hoping to be around the 500,000 gold mark.


Jademist Dancer 10,000 gold per hour

Jademist Dancer 10,000 gold per hour

Welcome to Pet Battle Friday.

Each Friday we will look at obtaining battle pets for high profit. Whether it be from farming or pets from in-game events.

Today I am looking at the Jademist Dancer Pet.

jademist dancer

This is a cute little pet that has a mixture of Elemental, Flying and Mechanical abilities, is well known for its level 20 geyser ability and it is to be seen how this ability will be once Legion is released.

jademist dancer info.png

This little guy is easily farmed as part of the Timeless Isle Pet Battle Fridays I intend to post about

To get this guy grab a level 90 or higher toon and make your way across to the Timeless isles in Pandaria to the Jademist Dancers.

jademist dancer loco.png

These guys have a 0.5% chance to drop the Jademist Dancer Pet but every time I have farmed out there one has dropped and these re- spawn in around  10 to 15 minutes.  I have come across the occasional farmer when farming for this guy so don’t forget to server hop if need be

jademist 2.jpg

Once you have obtained the pet go back and pop him on the Auction house or try your luck in Trade Chat first. I have sold 2 of these in trade and one on the Auction house in a day before.

jademist dancer ah.png

Farming this guy is on my morning routine list just because how easy he is to farm.

Have you farmed for this little guy recently? If so how do you find the farming and how much does he sell for on your server?