*********************SPOILER ALERT************************************      if you have not started the expansion and do not want to read about some of the starting quests or see pictures of the areas please do not continue with this post 🙂


After a day of so much hype on my Twitter feed and a grueling day at the office. I packed up my stuff and raced out the door, drove home and logged in.

I was expecting long que times, rolling restarts and even maintenance but to my surprise I logged in first time with no problem at all.

I met Khadgar who told me about his plan to blink Dalaran out of danger. I didn’t want to remind him that I had only been a mage for a couple of weeks and that I had only just found how to do my own blinking spell so I was unsure how I was going to blink a whole city somewhere. but his faith in me was enormous so all I could do was try.

He told me that it was all clear and ready to try. I had a feeling I was being lied to but tried I did

our path is clear

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate real hard on moving the city and when I opened them Dalaran was moved.

I can tell you for a mage that’s three weeks old I felt pretty good about my efforts. but as I was about to gloat to Khadgar’s friends and big note my efforts I heard Khadgar take all the credit for it.

So off I went around the new city of Dalaran my mission tonight was clear in my head. Mine some ore, pick some flowers and make my fortune in gold so that everyone would know my name. “here comes Rhiamon the Mage, her pockets are so heavy with all that gold she makes” I started to walk around Dalaran and lost my train of thought as all I could think about about was how beautiful this place was and how I could call this place home for a while. During this time I also lost my bearing and actually got lost once trying to find people.

Khadgar must of felt sorry for a mage that gets lost in the city for mages and summoned me for an errand. This errand was to met an undead in a dark room. I did kind of wonder why Khadgar couldn’t do this himself but he did seem pretty busy with demon attacks so I went to try and find this undead..I got lost again and found this dude who ended up two doors down from where old Khadgar was.

This undead guy must of felt pretty sorry for me and how I kept getting lost as he invited me to stay in what he called a class hall. What he showed me looked old and run down. kind of like your best fixer upper but I didn’t have anywhere else to stay so I agreed. I left him mumbling about how grand the place will be as I got word that Khadgar had another errand for me to do about finding a staff.

I tried to explain to Khadgar that all I wanted to do was to pick herbs, mine ore and make my fortune but he had plans for me to obtain a staff. So with his mud map of where i needed to be in hand i set off.

I actually did kind of feel like an extra from lord of the rings.. Rhiamon lord of the staves they could call me.

So Khadgar’s plan was this, to consume the power of an old building, break down its defences of and then break into this building. which I did only to find a dragon that was captured that kept yelling at me.

I couldn’t answer the dragon because as soon as I had entered the building I had mana worms attacking me. Once I had killed them I had the dragons keepers attacking me. How did i know this was going to free the dragon. He thanked me turned into a man and told me how he know where the staff was. He ran to the end of the dungeon killing everything in sight only to find that it was a dead end. oh well i can now start making my fortune i will just have to tell kadgar that it wasn’t here. But the man turned back into the dragon and flew me down to another area telling me that he hopes I am prepared. I laughed at this as recently I have been told alot that I am not prepared.

you are prepaired

He flew me onto the platform and the proceeded to fly around why I had to kill the keeper of the staff. He could of helped me out during this fight!!.

I saw the staff… I could become the lord of the staff… but first I needed to say some ancient words and I though that wiping it over would be good as after all demons had been touching it.

As I grabbed it I fell through the floor. Which is an odd feeling kind of like sinking into jelly. I held the staff up high as not to get it dirty again to which the dragon through I was making a proclamation to being the Lord of the staff or something then sent me back to the undead dude


I walked back into the hall and whoa…the place was magnificent there was so much detail everywhere

mage hall


I spent awhile looking over the hall and it took forever to find him again as no one told me his office was up a staircase.. well I was admiring all his hard work and not getting lost again…if anyone asks that is.

He told me about the staff, its power and how it will grow in power over time. He also asked me to recruit a goblin from Dalaran that was performing magic tricks.

If there is one thing I know about goblins it how they also like to make their fortune so I took a big shiny coin from my pocket and flashed it in front of the goblins face and told him he was now the recruiter of the class hall. He had his own missions to attend to  and was happy about this.

Finally I think I can now go and mine and herb until my little gnome heart is happy Mr Goblin shows me a map of the area and asked me where i wanted to start my adventures. Where ?!? i don’t know i only just got here. I briefly look at the map and see some familiar names and decide that I will follow Kadgar on his next adventure.

Once i met up with Kadgar he flys me down to the land below and to an illidari camp who entrust me to kill some demons for them. I agree as I need the gold and also as I spot a herb in the general direction that they want me to go..I might just be able to pick it and then sell it and start making my fortune.

So off I trot to go pick the herb, mine the ore, I also tried a little local fishing, helped the locals kill a rare and get beat up by some demons.

Finally making my fortune
Oh my it looks like icecream

I did meet a familiar face along the way one to many times. It was like she was a ghost trying to haunt me.

Hello old friend…Fancy meeting you here

But in the end we pushed back the demons that were invading the camp. I paid my repair bill and rolled out my swag under the stars happy with the one herb and two tiny bits of ore in my pockets. My fortune is on its way and it will be grand and every one will know me as Rhiamon the mage who was gold capped first… not Rhiamon the mage that gets lost one to many times


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