Bronze Whelpling 10,000 gold per hour

bronze whelping and rhi.jpgBronze whelping is an easy pet to farm and sells for a far bit of gold

The Bronze whelp  has a random drop rate  from mobs in the top of the Blasted Lands. I have farmed here and received this little guy on my 1st, 5th, 500th kill and as shown on my first ever twitch session  hours into a farming session.

blased land
I farm around the red circle but the little guy can be farmed any around the top of the Blasted Lands

Near Netherarde Keep there is a mine which I find the best for farming, as it has a lot of little nooks with around 5 mobs to kill in each nook that are easy to farm and one circuit of the mine is just enough time for the mobs to re-spawn again.

rhi mines


Just as you go into the mine look for a ledge with some mobs and jump up to this area and let the farming begin

jump up
Jump up to the mobs waiting to be killed

you will want to kill the mobs here and just follow the path down and back killing everything you see.

Kill me

kill quick facts

On top of dropping the bronze whelpling they also drop depleted elemental shard , Battered Armor Fragments and Damaged Weaponry. Which all vendor from 10 silver to 34 silver each. So there is a little bit of raw gold to be made aswell.

time locked box.jpg

When the Bronze Whelpling drops it will drop as a Time-Locked Box and once clicking on the box the pet will then be in your bags. He will be soul-bound so don’t forget to add him to your pet journal then cage him to be able to sell him on the auction house

put in cage

on my server he sells for around 10,000 gold and has been know to sell quite fast even in Trade Chat

bronze whelp tsm
Info for selling Bronze Whelpling on my server

Have you farmed this little guy before? Does he sell well on your server? Do you use him as a battle pet? have you found if levelling him to 24 you can sell him for more?

Do I ask to many questions?




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