I opened my eyes the sun was shining and the legion was still trying to take over the world. I rolled up my swag and tip toed out of the village I called home for the night. The last thing I wanted to do was to wake someone and end up on another mission. I quickly mounted my horse and rode out of camp.


The morning breeze gently blew at my pink pigtails. If the legion was not trying to take over the world and making a hell of a noise doing so, this might of been a perfect morning.

My stomach started growling like a wild fel beast and I wondered when was the last time I ate. I didn’t feel like the conjured food I normally prepare so I started looking around for something wholesome. I came across a little stream and saw a school of fish swimming around in it. I took out my trusty Jeweled Fishing Pole and starting throwing in a line to catch some breakfast. I also hoped that catching these fish might net  some gold on the auction house as if I could see these as a potential food sourse I am sure someone in Dalaran saw that as well and would buy them instead of spending time fishing them.


After catching a few and cooking enough to quieten my growling stomach I headed off across the land in search of ore and herbs. Ore and herbs I found. Aethril , Felslate and Leystone in abundance. I rode around collecting as much as my backpack could handle then heading back to Dalaran to place these on the Auction House. To my surprise they were selling as quickly as I could farm them. So my fortune was underway. I was happy dreaming of being gold capped when I came across a Demon Camp. With a  little camp above it. There stood an undead who flagged me down and told me of his argument between him and his Illardari friend.

Apparently his friend was in bloodlust and wanted to kill every last demon that landed on the broken isles, where as the undead wanted to scout around the camp and do a little investigating as to know what they were dealing with before going in guns blazing. The undead asked if I could scout around the demon camp around as the demons wouldn’t find a small gnome with bright pink hair in the middle of their camp unusual or anything. They were paying a handsome fee for doing this so I agreed. I needed to let the Aethril grow a little more before I could herb my next lot back to Dalaran anyway.

eyes have it

As I was about to leave the Illidari asked if i could happen to kill a few demons while I  was down there and make it look like an accident, like they accidently tripped over me and broke their necks. I winked at the Illidari and told him I would see what i could do.


I headed down to the camp below and snuck around. The demons had a huge portal that looked like they were trying to erect, This was held in place by 4 large fel energised crystals and each crystal had a keeper to look after it. I couldn’t let these demons finish errecting this portal who knew where it led to. I smiled to myself looks like the illidari was in luck and a couple of crystal keepers would die, by accident of course.

I felt my hands pulse with arcane energy and directed this energy to the crystal keepers I jumped up and arcane missiles flew from my hands to the keepers knocking them to the ground. They tried to form their own spell but I had already conjured my next spell and sent that shooting towards them again. The crystal keepers put up a good fight but died in glorious ways.

I walked up to one of the crystal and watched as it pulsed with fel energy, swirling green mist looked like it was trapped inside the crystal and it glowed fel green. I broke each crystal holding the portal in place. each one cracked and energy escaped it into the world around me.

fel crystal

Of course this caught the attention of the boss of the camp and he wanted to know what I was doing. I was thinking of something smart to say to him when he launched at me, knocking me to the ground. I tried to feel the arcane energy in my hands again but just as I started to say the incantation he knocked me to the ground again breaking my concentration and thus the spell I was casting.

The boss stood over me towering over my little body, an evil smile leared across his face and he pulled his hands up ready to deliver the final blow..good bye cruel world was all I could think and closed my eyes really tight waiting for his delivery and trying to gain my concentration to shield it.


I heard  yelling in the back ground and felt the boss spin around facing the other direction. I gingerly opened one eye and looked as to where the yelling was coming from, it was the illidari and the undead, they were joining in on the fight. I quickly jumped up and concentrated on the arcane energy pulsing through my body, moving it towards my hands and saying the incantations as to deliver blow one after the other to the boss. The three of us worked in unison to bring the boss to his knees i stepped back and let the illidari empty his blood lust onto the boss delivering his final blow.

The three of us made our way out of the camp without any more dramas. They thanked me and paid me the gold they had promised and spoke about travelling to see if there was any more demons to find.

I smiled as i waved them goodbye as I am sure there are a lot more demons to kill



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