Crocolisks in the City


lets make some gold by visiting Old Man Barlo

This is a level 70 fishing daily quest in a lake just out side of Shattrath City in Outlands.

crock quest.png
Fly to the lake to find the quest

This quest is on a rotation with other daily quests, so if you don’t have it on your server just jump servers until you do or wait a couple more days. I park an alt in this area just to quickly check as part of my daily routine.

I have personally seen it twice in two days on my server this week. I am not a betting panda but if I was I would put a bet that I don’t see this quest again this month.

This quest is very simple and very quick to do and can yield a lot of gold in the end of our time.

Fly out to old man Barlo and pick up the quest.

Old Man Barlo

Go back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and kick back with a fishing pole in hand and take a moment to fish up this little guy.

rhi fishing.jpg
Me and My Awesome fishing pole

Once you have this little one in your possession fly back and hand it in and claim the quest reward.

fishing treasures
Open to find all sorts of goodies

Now here is the best part when opening the bag of fishing reward it has a 30% drop rate to drop  one of three pets,plus also some greys and fishing hooks

muckbreathsnarley bp

chuck bp
These are the three little pets

These pets sell well on my server and also for good prices.



chuck info
Chuck Auction House info
snarly info2
Snarly Auction house info
muckbreath info
Muckbreath auction house info

So let me know do you use this fishing daily to help boost up your gold supply?

Are there any other quests that you look out for to help make gold??

What do these little pets sell for on your server??




3 thoughts on “Crocolisks in the City

  1. Have to admit I only did this just to get the pets but might do now for selling on the AH. The best toon to do this on is a mage (imo) since she can teleport to shattrah city (and do the quest in stormwind if need be). Saves up a lot of time! 😀

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