Bankalt here again

wow a week has gone by already it seems like on yesterday that I hijacked the post making machine to give you all an update on our mission to being gold capped.


And as last weeks post was so popular I have been asked to make this a weekly update.

So as you can tell from the tittle this week has been good for profits and we made 45,000 gold this week.


Most of this was again from Garrison Missions but I did sell Muckbreath for 1800 gold and Ghastly Kid for 180 gold.

In transmog items I sold Outlander’s Boots 420 gold and Bandit Gloves for 385 gold

In bags I sold 35 Netherweave Bags by Friday evening, 3 Royal Satchels and 6 Hexweave Bags. I am unsure why Hexweave Bags sell quicker. Possibly because it may be a good flip item for when legion comes around. Buy a bag for 700 gold and flip it in just over a month for double that but if they are selling now then whey not try and sell them and then buy low when they flood the market during legion.

Also two patterns sold this week Scroll of Whispered Secrets and Flarecore Wraps these both sold for around 200 gold but i am happy as they have been sitting in my auctions for a while now.

just the items that sold for the most amount of gold

So what’s for this week? Well it will be my usual of ore, herbs, bags and felblights. I am kind of getting bored with the daily grind of the garrison for selling stacks of ore and herb  for 100 – 200 gold each stack but that the bread and butter gold that helps out the most.

Rhiamon will be farming some pets this week for me to sell and looking at new farming spots for raw gold.

auctions to sell
the type of auctions that I am trying to sell

What are you trying to sell this week? and how is your gold capping going?

auctions waiting
Don’t you just wish some of this gold would come in

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