Welcome to Pet Battle Friday.

Each Friday we will look at obtaining battle pets for high profit. Whether it be from farming or pets from in-game events.

Today I am looking at the Jademist Dancer Pet.

jademist dancer

This is a cute little pet that has a mixture of Elemental, Flying and Mechanical abilities, is well known for its level 20 geyser ability and it is to be seen how this ability will be once Legion is released.

jademist dancer info.png

This little guy is easily farmed as part of the Timeless Isle Pet Battle Fridays I intend to post about

To get this guy grab a level 90 or higher toon and make your way across to the Timeless isles in Pandaria to the Jademist Dancers.

jademist dancer loco.png

These guys have a 0.5% chance to drop the Jademist Dancer Pet but every time I have farmed out there one has dropped and these re- spawn in around  10 to 15 minutes.  I have come across the occasional farmer when farming for this guy so don’t forget to server hop if need be

jademist 2.jpg

Once you have obtained the pet go back and pop him on the Auction house or try your luck in Trade Chat first. I have sold 2 of these in trade and one on the Auction house in a day before.

jademist dancer ah.png

Farming this guy is on my morning routine list just because how easy he is to farm.

Have you farmed for this little guy recently? If so how do you find the farming and how much does he sell for on your server?




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