With the pre patch data whirling away in the background I sit and wonder what my gold making attempts will be like for the patch and legion to follow.

I have grand plans of becoming gold capped but what should I sell, where should I begin, should I start to farm now?


So with a hot cup of tea in hand and my trusty spreadsheets I sit and muse over what I should be getting ready for and how to implement it.

But alas time stops still with each sip of tea, blank stares into the spreadsheet and tracks across the interwebs to find out information about my new ideas and my anxiety grows.

You see I do not have a lot of time to play during the working week and I like to make the most of the time I do have. So I pour myself another cup of tea,sit and work out what would be the best strategy for the 2 hours of game play I have per night.

keep calm

With everything that I have looked at I think for  me the best strategy would be selling Bags, Tomes, Pets, Mats and some Transmog.


Bags are an easy farm just setting aside a farming session to farm up enough cloth to make these per week is all that is needed.

Mats like herbs,ore,skins etc make for an easy chill session of farming and transmogs are just from snipping or a quick farming sessions of instances per week to get some highly desirable pieces

Tomes are what peaked my anxiety and gave me a million more questions than what I started with.

quest giver

Should I start to collect the mats now? New TSM lists were made and off to the auction house I go only to find that most of the mats are already in the high 200g each. So unless I farmed the mats I did not feel comfortable to drop 100,000 gold on mats if my ideas did not pan out

Should I farm them? With the 30 different mats needed to create the different tomes my geeky nature started working into overload. my fingers began to type and a spread sheet was formed with an easy way for me to be able to obtain the mats


Looking at the list above I could tell that there would be three tomes that I could easily make and farm without too much hassle and three that I could farm some of the mats for.

Tome of illusions Azeroth – Most of the mats could be farmed whilst completing a Molten Core run. with the added bonus of obtaining some pets/ transmog gear as well to sell and the essence of water and undeath would be a simple farming session

Tome of illusions: Outland – Most of these mats are bought from the Auction house and dis enchanted with a simple farming session for the motes/primal

Tome of illusions: Northrend – Most of these mats are bought from the Auction house and dis enchanted again or are obtained through the weekly cata raids gold runs that I currently do.

Tome of Illusions: Cataclysm – if I have the mats I will place them on the Auction house in the required amounts for each tome to be made

Tome of Illusions: Pandaria – If Trillium ore stays cheapish I will buy it from the auction house or go on a mining farming session to be able to cut the gems needed for this

Tome of Illusion: Dreanor – if i have the mats i will place them on the Auction house in the required amounts for each tome to be made.

This made my anxiety feel a little better and i had a bit of a strategy to go forward. this still leaves me with questions of how many tomes should I make to sell per day 5, 10, 100??

With the pre patch just around the corner I doubt I will be able to farm as much as I would like to but I should be able to stock pile some mats so that I will be able to start to sell them when the patch does comes out but if not I can always wait until the prices of the Tomes stabilises a little and then work on how many I need to sell per day to get towards my gold capped dreams




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