Midsummer Fire Festival

Midsummer Fire Festival

misummer festival.png

Midsummer Fire Festival starts today!!!

Ah midsummer, long cool iced drinks and sun burnt grass.. when this event lands its actually mid winter where I live and usually I am rugged up drinking hot cocos and planning long weekends of game time.

This festival will always hold a dear memory in my heart as this was one of the first festivals that I actually got carried up with when I first started my wow journey. Friends and I would quickly run to the nearest maypoles to gain our xp buffs before we set out on our way to epic adventures.

ribbon pole.png

This event can actually be a very good gold making event with the three pets that you will be able to sell on the Auction House.

 Blazing Cindercrawler and Spirit of Summer cost 350 Burning Blossoms and Frigid Frostling  taught by Ice Chip and contained in  Satchel of Chilled Goods.

My tip for this would be to check the auction house daily for these pets as a lot of people will be undercutting. Buy low and sell high. Wait a couple of weeks or months and then re-sell these but just don’t go buying a whole bank tab full of them like a certain panda did during the Halloween event two years ago and is still trying to sell Sinister Squashling

spirit of summer info.png
I don’t have Frigid Frostling or Blazzing Cindercrawler but my Auction house is telling me they sell for around the same price as the Spirit of Summer


There is a nice Transmog item Frost Scythe which is also from the  Satchel of Chilled Goods that has a chance to drop the Frigid Frostling.  You can get one a day per toon from completing the daily quest Ahune the Forst Lord

frost scythe.png
now this would look sweet on a Frost Death Knight if they could use staves

Apart from the drops the other thing to do is grab an alt that you would like to level find your nearest maypole get the 10% xp buff and make your own adventure.

This week I am planning on using the maypole buff to help level my rogue. He is currently level 86.

Last time I played a rogue was during Moltern Core raiding back in Vanilla. I learnt real quick that I don’t really like the “up close and personal” type of stabby class apart from the standing outside of the auction house selling  lock picking skills to any one that needed a box opened. But as I farm nearly 5 locked boxes a night I kind of need my own rogue to help out and also  I am thinking of using it for an alchemy in legion.

one day my rogue will look like this

Do you participate in the in game events?

Are you levelling a toon for legion?

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas about the Midsummer Fire Festival that I haven’t mentioned??


285,000 gold so far

285,000 gold so far


Bankalt here again

wow a week has gone by already it seems like on yesterday that I hijacked the post making machine to give you all an update on our mission to being gold capped.


And as last weeks post was so popular I have been asked to make this a weekly update.

So as you can tell from the tittle this week has been good for profits and we made 45,000 gold this week.


Most of this was again from Garrison Missions but I did sell Muckbreath for 1800 gold and Ghastly Kid for 180 gold.

In transmog items I sold Outlander’s Boots 420 gold and Bandit Gloves for 385 gold

In bags I sold 35 Netherweave Bags by Friday evening, 3 Royal Satchels and 6 Hexweave Bags. I am unsure why Hexweave Bags sell quicker. Possibly because it may be a good flip item for when legion comes around. Buy a bag for 700 gold and flip it in just over a month for double that but if they are selling now then whey not try and sell them and then buy low when they flood the market during legion.

Also two patterns sold this week Scroll of Whispered Secrets and Flarecore Wraps these both sold for around 200 gold but i am happy as they have been sitting in my auctions for a while now.

just the items that sold for the most amount of gold

So what’s for this week? Well it will be my usual of ore, herbs, bags and felblights. I am kind of getting bored with the daily grind of the garrison for selling stacks of ore and herb  for 100 – 200 gold each stack but that the bread and butter gold that helps out the most.

Rhiamon will be farming some pets this week for me to sell and looking at new farming spots for raw gold.

auctions to sell
the type of auctions that I am trying to sell

What are you trying to sell this week? and how is your gold capping going?

auctions waiting
Don’t you just wish some of this gold would come in

Bronze Whelpling 10,000 gold per hour

bronze whelping and rhi.jpgBronze whelping is an easy pet to farm and sells for a far bit of gold

The Bronze whelp  has a random drop rate  from mobs in the top of the Blasted Lands. I have farmed here and received this little guy on my 1st, 5th, 500th kill and as shown on my first ever twitch session  hours into a farming session.

blased land
I farm around the red circle but the little guy can be farmed any around the top of the Blasted Lands

Near Netherarde Keep there is a mine which I find the best for farming, as it has a lot of little nooks with around 5 mobs to kill in each nook that are easy to farm and one circuit of the mine is just enough time for the mobs to re-spawn again.

rhi mines


Just as you go into the mine look for a ledge with some mobs and jump up to this area and let the farming begin

jump up
Jump up to the mobs waiting to be killed

you will want to kill the mobs here and just follow the path down and back killing everything you see.

Kill me

kill quick facts

On top of dropping the bronze whelpling they also drop depleted elemental shard , Battered Armor Fragments and Damaged Weaponry. Which all vendor from 10 silver to 34 silver each. So there is a little bit of raw gold to be made aswell.

time locked box.jpg

When the Bronze Whelpling drops it will drop as a Time-Locked Box and once clicking on the box the pet will then be in your bags. He will be soul-bound so don’t forget to add him to your pet journal then cage him to be able to sell him on the auction house

put in cage

on my server he sells for around 10,000 gold and has been know to sell quite fast even in Trade Chat

bronze whelp tsm
Info for selling Bronze Whelpling on my server

Have you farmed this little guy before? Does he sell well on your server? Do you use him as a battle pet? have you found if levelling him to 24 you can sell him for more?

Do I ask to many questions?



240,000 gold so far


Bankalt here.

With Rhiamon off trying to look at more gold farming spots I thought that I would give you all an update as to how we are going to our ultimate goal of being gold capped. Now I know that this wont happen this expansion as Rhiamon’s has a shiny Armor/cute battle pet/new mount addiction. If it sparkles or looks cute she needs it, and if she didn’t collect these things I am sure we would of been gold capped back when the Lich King was trying to rule the world.

gold for week

This week we started with 305,000 gold. We made a bit of a profit at the beginning of the week which took us to 325,000 gold and then purchased 2 game tokens at 50,000 gold each and we have been bouncing around the 240,000 gold ever since.

gold for week2.png

I have made 55,000 gold this week, The most being from garrison missions. I did sell a couple of  battle pets: Viscidus Globule for 3695 gold and Gahz’rooki for 854 gold. I also sold some transmog gear including: gloves of the fang for 665 gold and darkcreast pauldrons  for 1117 gold. 55 felblight sold at 70 gold each and a lot of glyphs sold for 9 gold each.

just a couple of things that sold this week

So what am I trying to sell this week: 1200 blackrock ore and true iron ore, 7 hexweave bags for 600 gold each, 7 royal satchel’s selling for 700 gold each and 35 netherweave bags for 10 gold each.

In the battle pet area I am trying to sell snarly, muckbreath and toothy as well as a feline familiar for 24,000 gold and a yellow moth for 10,000gold. Both of which I picked up from the Auction house not that long ago for a very small amount.

In theTtransmog gear I am trying to sell a  Protector Buckler for 100,000 gold,  Jasperlode Shield for 56,000 gold plus over 400 other items

tsm auctions

How many items do you have currently sitting on the Auction house waiting to be sold?

If they all sold this week how much would you make?


Crocolisks in the City


lets make some gold by visiting Old Man Barlo

This is a level 70 fishing daily quest in a lake just out side of Shattrath City in Outlands.

crock quest.png
Fly to the lake to find the quest

This quest is on a rotation with other daily quests, so if you don’t have it on your server just jump servers until you do or wait a couple more days. I park an alt in this area just to quickly check as part of my daily routine.

I have personally seen it twice in two days on my server this week. I am not a betting panda but if I was I would put a bet that I don’t see this quest again this month.

This quest is very simple and very quick to do and can yield a lot of gold in the end of our time.

Fly out to old man Barlo and pick up the quest.

Old Man Barlo

Go back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and kick back with a fishing pole in hand and take a moment to fish up this little guy.

rhi fishing.jpg
Me and My Awesome fishing pole

Once you have this little one in your possession fly back and hand it in and claim the quest reward.

fishing treasures
Open to find all sorts of goodies

Now here is the best part when opening the bag of fishing reward it has a 30% drop rate to drop  one of three pets,plus also some greys and fishing hooks

muckbreathsnarley bp

chuck bp
These are the three little pets

These pets sell well on my server and also for good prices.



chuck info
Chuck Auction House info
snarly info2
Snarly Auction house info
muckbreath info
Muckbreath auction house info

So let me know do you use this fishing daily to help boost up your gold supply?

Are there any other quests that you look out for to help make gold??

What do these little pets sell for on your server??



Killing for Sumptuous Fur 1016g per hour

Killing for Sumptuous Fur 1016g per hour

Hello and welcome to my first farming spot.. Tonight I am farming Sumptous Fur. even with the end of the expansion coming to a close I still find that this item sells quickly and for a good amount of gold.

sump fur tsm details
That’s 32 Stacks of fur a day selling on my server!

There are five places that I know of that you can farm for this without the Skinning Profession.

Frostfire Ridge.

Killing Frost Wolf

Awesome spot for farming fur and leather scraps

These are level 90 mobs that are tightly packed together. I have farmed here before and I averaged  1 stack of fur for every 15 minutes of farming, which is an awesome effort. Plus they also give leather scarps if you are a Skinner.

I didn’t choose this as my favourite spot for three reasons

  1. The mobs don’t drop raw gold. So you would need to wait on Auction House sales to get the total amount of gold
  2. There is a lot of guides for farming in this area and a lot of people still farm in this area
  3. If you are an alliance on a PVP server you may have a sneaky rogue trying to get that one last expansion gank on you.


Killing Talbulks and Nagrand Prowers.

Talbuks and Prowers can be farmed in the red circles

These are level 98 – 100 beasts and are fairly easy to kill. But every time I go farming at these spots there is either someone farming there already or I have to keep one eye on my health bar (don’t forget I am only an ilvl 690 shammy)

Spires of Arak

There are two places to go in the spires to farm for Fur these are: Echo Hunters and Bloodmane Mobs.

spires of arak.png
Again the red circles to find the mobs

These are level 96 mobs and easy kills but again when I farmed them I found that I had to wait on the mobs to re-spawn and I just could not find a right farming grove to farm in.

I could not find a nice little piece of dirt that I could call my own and run around killing mobs. Farming here is to run to one end killing everything and run back with nothing to kill and I got bored… I blame my quick chain lighting trigger finger for this.


Killing Daggerjaw mobs around the lake of Vol’jin Pride.

For a fun little farming spot try here.. Just don’t tell them that Rhiamon sent you

This was fun on my Hunter and on my Pally and even on my Warrior, Warlock and Priest but after leveling all of these charaters and farming this area I think if the mobs saw Rhiamon fly in and start killing them they would just roll there eyes and put up signs saying “Please farm somwhere else”….so i did

And this takes us to my favourite sport


Nice little farming spot here


Nestled high in the Gorgrond High Pass Mountains are mobs called Steamscar mobs.

Steamscar mobs.png
These are the mobs you want to kill

These are level 93 mobs. easy to kill and re-spawn pretty regularly.

This place has an awesome circuit that you can just farm and get lost in for hours at a time and once you have finished one lap these guys are ready to kill again.

Rhiamon’s Farming session

They have a 73% drop rate of fur which is higher than Frostfire ridge (50% drop rate) and also drop greens and around 40 silver per kill

Steamscar mobs quick facts.png
Some quick facts on Streamscar mobs

On Twitch I farmed these for 30 Minutes and this is what I received from that time

77 raw gold

170 Sumptuous Fur @ 1g 66s (on my server) = 282g

104g worth of Greens that were vendors

45g of Grays that were Vendored

All this adds up to 508Gold per 30 minutes

1016 gold per hour

Two tips on farming this spot:

  1. If someone else is farming here and you both just cant farm at the same time use the Cross Server group finder to jump around until you find a nice server.Or try Frostfire ridge or Talador
  2.  Remember to kill the mobs and not be too interested in taking selfies


To busy taking Selfies to worry about the mobs

I am interested to know.. have you farmed in this spot before or do you have another spot that you like to farm Sumptuous Fur?

Do you farm in Frostfire Ridge then just sit back and wait for the gold to roll in?

Would you like to me to review your favourite farming spot for fur or anything else?

Feel free to leave a comment here, on Twitter or on facebook or drop in with a cup of tea and say Hi at 7.30pm Wednesday night AEST where I will be hopefully showing an awesome spot for farming 500 raw gold in 20 mins