Another week another bank alt post.

So as you can tell from the tittle this week has been good for profits and we made 55,000 gold this week. That’s 10,000 more gold made than last week.


Again most of the gold was made via garrison missions but this week Rhiamon and another high level toon did run Bastion of Twilight for around 3,000 gold per run. This was a quick and easy run over morning coffee that I will be posting about in coming weeks.

Apart from that I made a huge profit flipping a Proto Drake Whelp. I purchased him for 500 gold and flipped it in the same week for an extraordinary 33,000 gold. Even though my TSM data is not showing this for some reason.

340k tsm.png


In pets We sold a Chromidius for 600 gold and a Green Wing Macaw for 100 gold

In transmog we sold Hulking Boots for 1800 gold, Quicksilver Ring for 730 gold and a White Bandit Mask for 700 gold

I also sold my bags, ore, skins, herb and felblights as usual and a Core Felcloth Bag recipe for 300 gold.

I have also tried my hand at selling pets on different servers this week. it been a fun and interesting time trying something new. this has also been a whole lot of time for research so that I might be able to make some gold out of my investment. So far so good i might add. Not in the millions yet but still enough to keep my interests peaked

340k tsm2.png

This week has in-store herb faring as Rhiamon has dropped her low level tailoring (we have another tailor in the alt ranks who has been a tailor since vanilla) and she has taken up herbing so hopefully she may be able to farm for the blood of sargeras mats in legion. I feel this also suits her other profession, Inscription a little better. I am also levelling my death knight. Yes I know I said I don’t like up close and stabby types of classes but she is level 91 and has jewel crafting and alchemy already and I don’t feel like trying to level my level 70 lock for the same professions. these will hopefully be maxed out for legion.

Apart from that I can see that I will need to buy one or two game times as a month has flown by so quickly for one of my accounts. wow tokens are currently sitting around the 45,000 gold so I will have to do a bit of farming if I wish to keep above 300,000 gold this week.

wow token.png

I know I wont be gold capped by legion but I am hoping to be around the 500,000 gold mark.



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