5 days until Legion

5 days until Legion

Wow where has the time gone. It seems like only yesterday that Legion was being announced and we had to sit and wait for demon hunters to be playable.

Now with only 5 days to go i am desperately trying to level up my gnome hunter so that she will be able to join in with the first days of the broken isle.

Gnomey has an almost OCD addiction to beasts lying around with that she HAS to skin them..

As I have not played Beta I am unaware if there will be any beasts that you need to kill in the starting zone but if you do Gnomey will be there. You will see her, she will be the one that is short, has pink ponytails and the one that will not be paying attention to the quests but following You around skinning the beasts YOU kill…that does sound kind of stalker-ish doesn’t it..but she is cute so that makes up for the stalker tendencies, just hopefully there are beasts out there or else things could get a little awkward.


Since last Tuesday (well Tuesday in Australia, the land down under) the Invasions are going full throttle with all 6 spots spawning and lasting 2 hours which means that Gnomey will be level 100 in no time as she is getting a crap load (technical term here in oz) of xp every invasion she does.

With every invasion that she does she is keeping her small and large chests until she is level 100 and will spend one lonely night standing in Iornforge opening them, commenting on the contents and grinning with all the loot she has achieved. I am thinking that I am levelling a toon that has a very insane personality here with animal skinning, stalker tenancies and now mad ramblings and Joker like smiles.


But if you are planning on levelling alts through the invasions remember that as of the 30th the invasions will end and all that lovely fell green xp falling from the sky will also end.

Truefully i am unsure why blizzard has let this free xp grind happen. I would of thought that this would of been hot fixed weeks ago and I was afraid to start levelling this way thinking it may be against the ToS. But alas it seems that it isn’t and so Gnomey Hunter is off levelling, skinning, rambling and grinning to her heart is content. Now if only i could get blizzard to let Gnomey have one blue pigtail and one pink

So until Legion hits, may your loots be phat and your adventures in Azeroth be epic.



Midsummer Fire Festival

Midsummer Fire Festival

misummer festival.png

Midsummer Fire Festival starts today!!!

Ah midsummer, long cool iced drinks and sun burnt grass.. when this event lands its actually mid winter where I live and usually I am rugged up drinking hot cocos and planning long weekends of game time.

This festival will always hold a dear memory in my heart as this was one of the first festivals that I actually got carried up with when I first started my wow journey. Friends and I would quickly run to the nearest maypoles to gain our xp buffs before we set out on our way to epic adventures.

ribbon pole.png

This event can actually be a very good gold making event with the three pets that you will be able to sell on the Auction House.

 Blazing Cindercrawler and Spirit of Summer cost 350 Burning Blossoms and Frigid Frostling  taught by Ice Chip and contained in  Satchel of Chilled Goods.

My tip for this would be to check the auction house daily for these pets as a lot of people will be undercutting. Buy low and sell high. Wait a couple of weeks or months and then re-sell these but just don’t go buying a whole bank tab full of them like a certain panda did during the Halloween event two years ago and is still trying to sell Sinister Squashling

spirit of summer info.png
I don’t have Frigid Frostling or Blazzing Cindercrawler but my Auction house is telling me they sell for around the same price as the Spirit of Summer


There is a nice Transmog item Frost Scythe which is also from the  Satchel of Chilled Goods that has a chance to drop the Frigid Frostling.  You can get one a day per toon from completing the daily quest Ahune the Forst Lord

frost scythe.png
now this would look sweet on a Frost Death Knight if they could use staves

Apart from the drops the other thing to do is grab an alt that you would like to level find your nearest maypole get the 10% xp buff and make your own adventure.

This week I am planning on using the maypole buff to help level my rogue. He is currently level 86.

Last time I played a rogue was during Moltern Core raiding back in Vanilla. I learnt real quick that I don’t really like the “up close and personal” type of stabby class apart from the standing outside of the auction house selling  lock picking skills to any one that needed a box opened. But as I farm nearly 5 locked boxes a night I kind of need my own rogue to help out and also  I am thinking of using it for an alchemy in legion.

one day my rogue will look like this

Do you participate in the in game events?

Are you levelling a toon for legion?

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas about the Midsummer Fire Festival that I haven’t mentioned??