240,000 gold so far


Bankalt here.

With Rhiamon off trying to look at more gold farming spots I thought that I would give you all an update as to how we are going to our ultimate goal of being gold capped. Now I know that this wont happen this expansion as Rhiamon’s has a shiny Armor/cute battle pet/new mount addiction. If it sparkles or looks cute she needs it, and if she didn’t collect these things I am sure we would of been gold capped back when the Lich King was trying to rule the world.

gold for week

This week we started with 305,000 gold. We made a bit of a profit at the beginning of the week which took us to 325,000 gold and then purchased 2 game tokens at 50,000 gold each and we have been bouncing around the 240,000 gold ever since.

gold for week2.png

I have made 55,000 gold this week, The most being from garrison missions. I did sell a couple of  battle pets: Viscidus Globule for 3695 gold and Gahz’rooki for 854 gold. I also sold some transmog gear including: gloves of the fang for 665 gold and darkcreast pauldrons  for 1117 gold. 55 felblight sold at 70 gold each and a lot of glyphs sold for 9 gold each.

just a couple of things that sold this week

So what am I trying to sell this week: 1200 blackrock ore and true iron ore, 7 hexweave bags for 600 gold each, 7 royal satchel’s selling for 700 gold each and 35 netherweave bags for 10 gold each.

In the battle pet area I am trying to sell snarly, muckbreath and toothy as well as a feline familiar for 24,000 gold and a yellow moth for 10,000gold. Both of which I picked up from the Auction house not that long ago for a very small amount.

In theTtransmog gear I am trying to sell a  Protector Buckler for 100,000 gold,  Jasperlode Shield for 56,000 gold plus over 400 other items

tsm auctions

How many items do you have currently sitting on the Auction house waiting to be sold?

If they all sold this week how much would you make?



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